Big Wave Surfing Jaws Peahi Maui 4K

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  • 2015-10-18 08:06:05
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Jaws Peahi Paddle Session Day 2 January 22, 2015. 4K Version Big Wave Surfing 20/20 WNW Swell & Almost 3-Days But Got Shut Down By A Stormfront. Day 2 Had A Full Lineup Of Chargers Jockying For Both The Rights & Lefts. Thumbnail By #DoomaPhotos Of OG Peahi Charger #MarcioFreire Guest Cameraman Maui's Super Mini Big Wave Grom Ty Simpson Kane. Natural Sound Special Guest Commentary By Local Boy Chris Kane & Company. Usual Suspects / Riders Tyler Larronde Albee Layer Ricky Whitlock Paige Alms Billy Kemper Trevor Sven Carlson Kai Lenny Mark Mathews Ian Shaun DK Walsh Ahonu Skullbase Fox Dakine SOS Shapes Special Thanks To My Clients/Sponsors For Making It All Possible Lahaina Fish Co. Fish Market Maui 808 Boards Hi Tech Surf Maui Jim Hulakai Replay XD Also

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