Best drone videos of surfing in 2014 - Epic drone compilation

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  • 2015-10-18 08:04:47
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Surfing drone video compilation featuring the best surfing drone videos of 2014 with Pure Shores from the all saints for music.This video is a compilation of the very best drone surfing videos on the internet. It features awesome drone videos from surf spots like Impossibles in Bali, the north shore Maui and Mantawai islands. These aerial drone surfing and supping videos are made possible by people with a combination of expert photographic skills and some of the best drone piloting skills in the world. One skill without the other is not going to create the best footage.Interestingly, the emergence of drone videos like these are made possible by the evolution of small super capable cameras like the GoPro and concurrent evolution of the drone flying capability. Enhanced batteries also help with this. These two technologies have converged to make epic drone videos possible.

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