Cooking With Gas 3 - Episode 3 - Spring

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  • 2015-12-19 17:46:09
теги snowboard, REDBULL

Nobody is quite sure how three guys from a remote farming community in northern Iceland managed to become some of the most progressive rail riders of all time, but what’s for sure is that when Eero, Lauri and Heikki got together with Haldor’s big brother Eiki Helgason and ‘bro from another mo’ Gulli Gudmundsson, the action was just as intense as the scenery.

The boys paddle out to surf some extremely cold-looking waves, then Eiki and Gulli take the Finnish trio on a fast and furious jib mission around their home town of Akureyri, hitting up walls, sculptures, rails and even a fishing boat. But when a front blunt on a high flat rail goes wrong, Eero gets freaked out as the consequences of what these guys do for a job hits home hard.

Then it’s back to home turf for the three Finns, stopping by Levi Resort for a fun park session on what looks like the biggest jump ever built… well, in Finland, anyway!

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