Wakeboarding Cable Contest in Hamburg - Red Bull Rising High 2013

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  • 2015-10-18 09:15:24
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15,000 wakeboard fans at Magellan-Terrassen in Hamburg witnessed the victory of Raph Derome (CAN) on the UNIT Parktech Wakeboardroller. Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER) won the "Swatch Best Style Award" via live voting. 16 of the world's best wakeboarders put on a stunning event for the audience and performed some massive and stylish action. All the athletes enjoyed their visit in Hamburg staying on their own private sailing yacht and had almost a week time to get their riding ready for Red Bull Rising High. Besides some serious training, the crew still had enough time to undertake plenty of leisure activities and get to know the world famous Hamburg Kiez. The event itself was coined by an extremely high trick level with highlights like e.g. the 1080 by Raph Derome and a double halfcab roll by Brenton Priestly. Red Bull Rising High is definitely the start of a new wakeboard era and the obstacle will push the sport to bigger, higher and more technical tricks.

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